Spring is Around the Corner!

March 01, 2021

Spring is Around the Corner!


Don't you love this time of  year, a time when one season leaves us and another is knocking on our door?   I must say that after our winter storm, I welcome spring whole heartedly, the sounds, the smells, and colors of a season that gives us a sense of renewal, a time to start again! 

Whimsical Annie's welcomes the new season with lots of new products to brighten up your home and garden.  We hope you are doing well and look forward to seeing  you soon!



Fabric Pot Covers

Not only do we have "art pots" to help add a bit of decoration to our live plants, we now have fabric pot covers.  They are all so beautiful and come in many different patterns and colors.  The fabric pot covers  have been created by Paula. You may have purchased some of her products in the past such as masks, dish towels and bowl cozies. The fabric pot covers are perfect for a six inch pot or they can be used as a goodie bag! They are a great addition to our shop and will add a bit of beauty to your home or gift!


Door Hangars, Flags, and Sassafras Mats

Nothing says "Welcome Spring" like changing out your winter flag and door mat and adding a bit of color to your door.


New Additions to Our Garden Collection


We have expanded our garden collection by adding garden stones and lanterns. The garden stones come in a variety of designs. Some lanterns have a candle timer and others are a mosaic with a solar light. 



A Bit of Inspiration!

 We have restocked our Quotable products. They have been a big hit since we started carrying them. You are sure to find some of your favorite quotes in the framed prints and pouches.


Customer Shares...

During your visits you have shared so much useful advice on gardening, backyard birds, and photos on how you have displayed or used our products. I would like to pass this useful information to others. Please email us your tips and photos to info@whimsicalannies.com so that we can share it in this section of our monthly newsletter. We will keep all tips and photos and select one or two to share each month. Those selected will receive a Whimsical Annie's Gift Card. So send in those photos and tips!

Carol sharesStart putting out your hummingbird feeders.  There are hummingbirds that did not migrate and are still here.  Since everything froze they are in need of nectar.  So help our little friends by putting your feeders out soon!
Shipping from Our Shop

So many of us have loved ones living across the United States and enjoy sending them a gift for their special day. Whimsical Annie's is now able to offer the convenience of shipping your gift directly from our shop.

Come on in, select your gift, and we will process the transaction at our counter. Before long it will be on its way! Don't forget to bring the address to where your gift is being shipped to.

Weekly Discount

The Vegetable Canvas Totes and Swedish Towels are on sale this week. Two of my favorites! The totes are great for vegetable shopping and so much more. The absorbent Swedish towels are perfect for clean up. Shop on-line and receive an automatic 15% discount, or come on in and receive the discount at checkout.


"A Garden is a Friend you can Visit Anytime."