The Language of Flowers

February 12, 2021

The Language of Flowers

Did you know in the 1800s Victorians expressed their feelings through flowers. Meaning was assigned to many plants and flowers to symbolize emotions.  This is still true today!   We have both flowers and plants at Whimsical Annie's to help bring a bit of joy and happiness to you and your loved one.

Fresh Flower Small Bouquets

Beautiful fresh flowers in mason jars are a perfect gift for Valentine's Day or just to add a bit of beauty to your space.  Debbie created these stunning arrangements with fresh herbs from her garden.  Each come with a beautiful crafted card for only $8.99.  They won't last long.


Decorated Plants

 We dressed up some of our plants for Valentine's Day.   Don't they look great in red?  We hope to continue to dress some of our plants for the different seasons.  They can be purchased with the seasonal dress ready to give as a gift or without the extras.  So many of us just enjoy adding them to our home.