Whimsical Annie's April Newsletter

April 12, 2021

Whimsical Annie's April Newsletter

“Flowers are like friends;
They bring color to your world.”

     – Unknown

This time of  year certainly does bring lots of beautiful colors and sounds to our surroundings. 

We have been busy at Whimsical Annie's adding new merchandise and restocking some of our favorites. It's a perfect time to start thinking about what you would like for Mother's Day or what you would like to give your loved one.  Mother's Day will be here soon!

We hope you are doing well and look forward to seeing you soon!


Bluebonnets are one of our favorite wildflowers and we celebrate our state flower this month.

We have lots of bluebonnets at Whimsical Annie's and their scent is amazing!  They make a great gift basket!


Something New!
Did you know that Fredericksburg Farms products are one of the top selling lines at Whimsical Annie's.  Many of our customers send them to their loved ones who are Texans living in another part of the United States.  So besides the candles, lotions, soaps, salsa, and jams we are now adding additional gourmet foods.  We are so excited to launch the sell of BBQ sauces and glazes, bread mixes, rubs and dip mixes, mustards, and syrups to go with the pancake and waffle mix.  These Texas made products are sure to be enjoyed by you or a loved one.  We can create a beautiful gift basket for you.
Whimsical Weekly Special
All "Mud Pie" brand products are on sale this week.  We are closing out this product line and there are limited quantity.  Sale will begin today and continue until next Monday.  Shop online and 15% will be automatically deducted at check out or come on in and receive your discount.  Another great gift for Mother's Day!


Garden Talk from one of our Loyal Customers 

Pruning Tips for Crape Myrtles
by Candy Roach / Bexar County Master Gardener

Crape Myrtles are one of the most beautiful and graceful trees that have a long bloom period in our area.  They are a sight to behold when cared for properly.  Each springtime many of you will begin to tend to your gardening tasks as we anticipate the changing of the seasons.  Here are a few tips to help guide you as you contemplate what to do with your Crape Myrtle. Believe me, it’s a lot easier than you think.
First of all, be advised that Crape Myrtles require very little pruning to maintain their natural form and beauty.  You should focus your pruning to remove dead branches, thin the trunks (preferably when young) to shape your tree, remove branches that are rubbing against each other and removing suckers as they sprout at the base.  This is all that is required to maintain the shape of your tree.
You should never top your Crape Myrtles. Topping these trees will force them to sucker more at the base which creates more work for you and also creates ugly growth on the trees.  Other injuries such as damage to the trunk by hitting them with lawn mowers or string trimmers may also cause suckers.

We have a wide variety of birds that love eating the Crape Myrtle seeds, such as goldfinches, housefinches and cardinals to name a few. Leaving the spent seed pods on the tree will provide food for these birds that migrate through our neighborhood during the spring.   You may be fortunate enough to have a pair of these feathered friends actually take up residence in your gardens.
Here are some examples of how NOT to prune your trees.


Bexar County Master Gardeners are available to help you with your gardening questions. We provide unbiased, research-based, locally relevant gardening information as a free service to the public. You can reach us Monday through Friday between 9 am – Noon and 1-4 pm by calling 210-631-0400.  Ask to speak to a Master Gardener. The Hotline is not available on county holidays.
Happy Gardening!
Candy Roach


Shipping from our Shop

So many of us have loved ones living across the United States and enjoy sending them a gift for their special day. Whimsical Annie's is now able to offer the convenience of shipping your gift  directly from our shop. 

Come on in, select your gift, and we will process the transaction at our counter. Before long it will be on its way!  Don't forget to bring the address to where your gift is being shipped to.
"A Garden is a Friend you can Visit Anytime."