2-TONE Posy Hummingbird Feeder - Large

Each color combination of our large 2-Tone Posy design is magnificent.  This design is unique and original to Lone Wolf ®.  You won’t find anything close to these hand painted jewels anywhere!  

The large size holds approximately 24 ounces of sugar water. Each feeder can be hung from a branch or hook with the attached nylon cord. 

A unique, handmade and highly functional piece of outdoor art. They are  hand poured one at a time. The inside is glazed and fired to ensure durability and easy cleaning. Each is hand painted with non-toxic paints, then sealed to preserve each dazzling design. Each feeder is signed by the artists.

Made in New Mexico

Lone Wolf Hand Painted Feeders

Collections: For the Garden

Type: Bird Feeder

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