Sponge - Caren - Pedi Polish

Soap in a Sponge - Lather up -Get clean -Feel fresh

This 3 in 1 luxurious foot scrubber will help revive, renew, repair & relax your feet with organic peppermint and eucalyptus oils infused with aloe vera.  The ultimate treat for your feet!

Good for 20+ washes.

OH ME OH MY! Our new Mighty Moisturizing Mix for your FEET!

Aloe Vera + Moisturizers = Happy Feet

At the foot of the matter, our therapeutic Foot Cream cools and soothes while creating an occlusive barrier that instantly boosts moisture. This super potent potion is created with podiatrist recommended ingredients to help renovate dry cracked heels and smooth rough feet.

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Type: Soap Sponge

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