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Fredericksburg Farms' Words on their Dips and Rubs:

At Fredericksburg Farms we are dip lovers. Why, we consider ourselves to be certified Dipologists! We’ve tried hundreds of ‘em over the years, then we decided to create our own line of flavorful dip mixes and rubs. We seek out the best quality spices, herbs and dehydrated veggies to create the unique tastes you’ll find in our line. They’re versatile too – use them in everything from salad dressings to marinades to dips.

Longhorn Dip: A spicy "fiesta" type dip that is mixed with sour cream and mayo. Yummy!

Lone Star Roasted Garlic & Chive Dip: Tastes great on salads, crackers, bagels, pretzels, and as a dip with chips. Rub on Ribs, Pork, or Chicken and bake as directed. Top with Fredericksburg Farms Orange Chipotle Grilling Glaze for a tempting treat.

San Jacinto Spinach Dip: There's nothing better at a party than a great spinach dip and that's what ours is.

Victory Garden Vegetable Dip: Tasty addition on pastas and salads or create a dip for your veggies! 

Green Chile Ole Dip: As you enjoy this dip you'll say Ole' to its robust Tex-Mex mild chili flavor.

Mariposa Dill Dip: The Fredericksburg Farms Mariposa Dill Dip has the spirit of the butterfly and the great taste of dill to make a great Texas combination.

Homemade Hearty Salsa: Homemade Hearty Salsa combines the best of the Aztec, Mexican and Texas tastes and creates a dip that will delight your taste buds! It just takes some fresh tomatoes and a quick stir of your wrist to create a delightful homemade salsa.

Hen Scratch Poultry Rub: Fredericksburg Farms Hen Scratch Poultry Rub enhances the flavor of chicken, dove, quail, or turkey with a combination of paprika, onion, garlic, lemon peel, a hint of brown sugar and red pepper.

Chuckwagon Steak Seasoning: Rub on Steaks, beef or chicken and bake as directed. Top with Fredericksburg Farms South Texas Mesquite BBQ Sauce for a great treat. This seasoning makes a great cheese ball

If it Swims Dry Rub for Fish: Dry rub for fish fillets. Sprinkle or rub on fish.

Size: 1 oz (28g)

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