Lavender Antiseptic Rub & Scrub Combo

Fredericksburg Farms on their Product:

Our brand new rub & scrub combo pack features our two best personal hygiene products! Texas-made hand soap leaves your skin clean and is gentle enough to use all day. But if your on-the-go lifestyle doesn’t keep you by a sink all day, you probably have a bottle of hand sanitizer.

Our antiseptic hand rub is 80% alcohol, like many of the big brands you’re used to, but also has aloe vera gel and essential oils for plant-based moisturizing and fragrance! We’ve got you covered in the bathroom, in the car, and wherever else life takes you. 

Our antiseptic rub is made with isopropyl alcohol (not methanol) following the guidelines of the FDA and it is made right here on our farm in Texas. 

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