Heart Ornament - Stained Glass Wedding Heart and Two Became One:

Wedding guests want to give a gift that will be cherished and remembered by the bride and groom. The sentiment “And Two Became One” is sure to be treasured by the happy couple. The newlyweds will be reminded of the thoughtful sentiment each time the light catches the beautiful stained glass heart. The heart can be hung year round as a delightful symbol of their union. It can also be a keepsake ornament that is pulled out each year and reminds the couple of that Lovely Day and the special guests that gave them the ornament so many years ago. This special gift is handmade in the USA by a family of artisans who pride themselves on their impeccable workmanship. The translucent 3” textured red stained glass ornament is lined with copper and hung with a satin ribbon. Each heart has ripples and textures that are inherent in handmade glass adding beauty and character to each piece. The ornament and artwork are packaged in a 5.25x7.25” black leatherette box with a clear lid.

Made in Georgia, USA

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