Looking Ahead to New

January 31, 2021

Looking Ahead to New

No Matter what Yesterday was like, Birds always start the New Day with a Song. 


Greetings to You!      

Hope to find you doing well!  

January has come and gone and we at Whimsical Annie's are
looking ahead to a new month.  We have spent January stocking our shop with lots
of new products and we think you will be pleased with them. 
We have featured a few of our favorites below.

We have also received a new stock of live low light plants. They add so much beauty.

Whimsical Annie's is so excited to welcome a mini shop within Whimsical Annie's small shop. The "Thistle Cottage Books and Stationary," will be offering a variety of products including  garden books and notecards.
More details to come soon.    Exciting Times!

Please take a moment to browse our website.  Remember you can always have your purchase delivered right to your car or shipped.   


Take care and we look forward to seeing you soon!

St Francis of Assisi
I love our new statuary of St. Francis.  Our feathered friends will enjoy water or birdseed in the bowl.  He is a beautiful addition to my garden and the birds seem to enjoy perching on his head.
Absolutely beautiful!


Gifts for Comfort
We have many new products  that provide comfort or inspiration for your loved ones.  Through difficult times we all need a bit of comforting words or gesture.   You can see all of our inspirational products on our web site.

We are so excited to introduce our new lanterns to you.  We have several varieties.  Some have mosaic stain glass that are solar and others have a candle in them that are set to a timer.  We think you will be very pleased with them.  They are perfect for your patio tables or to hang on a hook or tree.


Galvanized Animal Planters
Another one of our favorites are these fun animal planters.   A six inch potted plant fits perfectly in it or you can plant directly into the planter.  The difficult part will be deciding which one to get.  They are all so cute!


See you soon!