About Us

It is with a thankful heart that I welcome you to WhimsicalAnnies.com. I truly believe God puts people in your life to help and guide you along. This dream of one day having a beautiful shop could not have become a reality without the help of family and friends. From listening to me go on and on about one day… , to their words of encouragement and then the actuality of physically bringing it all together. I am forever grateful.

Although I lived through my dream of being an educator for thirty two years I knew one day I would retire from a job I loved. About eight years ago, I came to realize after traveling through the country and visiting small town shops that I really enjoyed the atmosphere they created within their shop and loved the uniqueness of their products. I thought I could one day bring this charm to my small town and add the garden element. What a perfect after retirement job!

The idea of having a quaint gift shop that sold beautiful products was so appealing that I started keeping a journal as I visited other small town shops, talked to shop owners, researched beautiful products, and found artisans that I wanted to have their products in my shop. I prayed one day by the Grace of God I would have a beautiful shop that the experience would be like stepping into a peaceful garden filled with color and beauty that you couldn’t help but smile.

Eight years later, here I am welcoming you to our shop and web site. I just have to scream a little, this has truly been a remarkable journey and I look forward to where the road may lead. The products you will find at Whimsical Annie’s Garden and Gifts are well researched unique and beautiful. They are all the things I know you will love for the home and garden and for you. Many are made or created by artist located throughout our country and locally.

I have not traveled to this destination alone. My dear husband, Gilbert of thirty one years has been my source of encouragement every step of the way. His support was a key element in making my dream come true. Shellie, my daughter and her husband Daniel have guided me, her with her legal advice and his with his knowledge of digital marketing. What a beautiful team! My younger daughter Chelsea followed in her mama’s footsteps and became an educator after working in the wildlife world for a couple of years. She has been one of my biggest advocates and you will see her occasionally in the shop behind the counter. I must mention my dear friend Cathy, not only was she there throughout most of my educational career as our school counselor she has been there every step of the way. She has given unconditionally and you too will see her working at our shop with her welcoming smile.

I must tell you a little about my mother. She had a beautiful spirit and a most welcoming heart. She was kind and compassionate and always had positive words of encouragement. Not only was she a beautiful person, she created the most beautiful flower gardens I loved sitting on a bench in her backyard where the world seemed in perfect harmony with the sound of the birds and the flow of water from the water fountain surrounded by the colors of all the flowers. Such peace, such beauty!

It is this feeling I hope to capture in my shop, the spirit of my mother’s beauty, positive energy and natured inspired harmony. After all, she is the “Annie” in Whimsical Annie’s Garden & Gifts. Thank you for visiting, we hope you stay awhile!