Jewelry Glass Heart Jewelry Box

The metal trim and solder have been antiqued with a charcoal patina and waxed to keep the finish beautiful for years to come. Polish with a soft dry cloth. Feel comfortable to know that all J Devlin products are made with lead free solder to protect you and the environment.

Sophisticated and timeless, this antique looking keepsake box features a clear vintage glass accented with a translucent pink (rose) on the top and a clear iridescent in the bottom that shimmers with a rainbow of colors.

To accomplish the soft curved panels of the heart shape the vintage glass is fired in a kiln over a mold slumping the glass to the desired shape. After being cooled the glass is cut and assembled into the heart shape. Metal edging on the hinged lid, decorative feet and a chain on the inside to support the top when it is open are all part of detailing, adding to its charm.

3 5/8" x 4" x 2 3/8"

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