Fredericksburg Farms Pancake and Waffle Mix

Fredericksburg Farms' Words on their Bread Mixes:

Sunday Haus Pancake & Waffle Mix: The tradition of “Sunday houses” originated when German pioneers first settled the area around Fredericksburg. The original settlers were provided with farm acreage outside of town and a small lot in the town, where they built small houses for their families to use when they came to town on Saturdays to buy provisions and attend church on Sunday morning. After church, they’d load up the wagons and head back to the farms. Fredericksburg’s Main Street, Austin Street (north of Main), and San Antonio Street (south of Main) were the original streets in Fredericksburg and were constructed as very wide avenues. They had to be “wide enough for a team of oxen and a wagon to turn around in”! Pancakes were a treat often prepared on those Sunday mornings in town. We’ve made it easy to carry on the great tradition of Sunday family breakfast with our Sunday Haus Pancake & Waffle Mix.

Size: 19 oz (532g)

Made in Fredericksburg, TX

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