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Fredericksburg Farms Words on their Syrups:

Fredericksburg is known nationwide for the quality of its peaches. In the summer when you visit the dozens of farm stands at area peach farms, you'll find not only peaches but anything that can be made out of a peach! We created our two peach syrups to capture the taste of those luscious peaches so folks could enjoy it year around. They sit real good on a big ol' stack of pancakes or a freshly baked waffle. You'll wonder why you stuck with maple for so long!

 Oma's Peach Syrup:

We've been told that our peach syrup is one of our finest creations. It is the stuff of flavor fantasies -- the pure essence of luscious ripe peaches in a gossamer sauce. It's a must for pancakes and waffles, or spoon it over good vanilla or peach ice cream. For a really rich peach pie, use it in your pie filling. (Oma is German for grandmother)

Produced in a plant that comes in contact with tree nuts.

Size: 14 oz (396g)

 Peach Pecan Amaretto Syrup:

When you start with a great sauce and then add great things to it, how can it be less than spectacular? And that's just what we did with our wildly popular Oma's Peach Syrup! We added flavor-packed, chunky Texas pecans and a nice little blast of Amaretto to create the ultimate dessert sauce. Try it on anything from pancakes to ice cream to pound cake topped with peaches and berries. Or, just try it with a big spoon!

Produced in a plant that comes in contact with tree nuts

Size: 14 oz (396g)

 Fredericksburg Farm

Fredericksburg, TX

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