Fredericksburg Farms Air Freshener, Freshies

Fredericksburg Farms speaks about their new product, Freshies:

Our "freshies" are handmade right here on our farm in Fredericksburg, Texas. If you've never used one before, you're probably thinking, "what in the world is a 'freshie'?"

Well, they're hanging air fresheners that can be used in your car, your locker, your drawers, closet, etc.

We've paired our best-selling signature scents with some fun shapes and Texas icons to help you "freshen" up any space!

Some "guidelines" for using our freshies:

  • These are for smelling, not eating.
  • Don't leave it somewhere it could stain.
  • This can melt in extreme temperatures if you use it as a car air freshener.
  • The fragrance will generally last 30-45 days, but in cooler weather, the smell can last longer.
  • You may get used to the smell but others will still be able to smell them!
  • All air freshies come on an elastic string to easily hang from your rear-view mirror.


You are my Sunshine, my only Sunshine. The fragrance of those big sunflowers.

Texas Bluebonnet

Think springtime in Texas with miles of bluebonnets blooming along the highways. We've captured the sweet fragrance of the Texas state flower in this freshie. It is a favorite of Texans and non-Texans alike.

West Texas Saddle Leather

This strong leather fragrance reminds us of the smell of well-oiled saddles in our Papaw’s tack room. Men especially love this fragrance, but we designed it for the “cowboy” in all of us. Giddy up!

Autumn Harvest

We remember the warm aroma of cranberry, citrus, and cinnamon simmering on the stove during the holidays. We have blended this combination of fall fragrances in a highly scented soy-based wax melt with a soft orange color, which we think you are sure to enjoy… without the stove. Available seasonally.

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